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At MAK Aviation we are aware that each pilot is an individual and will have their own ambitions and budgets to consider in planning their flight training. Some of the options for student and qualified pilots are not widely known - for example:


It's possible to fly solo without gaining a licence!

Did you realise we can train you to fly an aircraft on your own in only about 20 hours - half of that required to gain a licence? Having done this you can pause for any length of time before continuing with the course, or stop completely if you wish. No upfront payment is required; just pay for the time you fly!


Air racing with the Royal Aero Club

Are you an experienced pilot who would like to know about Royal Aero Club Air Racing? This is not Pylon Racing, it is racing aircraft against aircraft, similar to Formula 1. We can provide lectures giving you all the information from a successfull Air Racer, and arrange training for the International Competition Licence. Race weekends take place from April to September throughout the British Isles and some on the Continent. Once trained you can enter any number of race meetings as you wish.



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