Feedback from MAK Aviation Customers:


 Friendly, competent and safe flying school

"I have just finished my fixed wing training which was a great joy and enormous fun. A relaxed and friendly bunch of chaps happy to share their knowledge and not in any way pushy with regard to notching up extra hours to bolster their pay. Just prior to my test, I did a few circuits with Danny who after 30 minutes and three landings, said to me "enough, I don't need to take any more of your money" in spite of the fact that I had budgeted for one hours training. Overseen by Assif with 17,000 hours flying experience, always willing and happy to offer advice. The 5 * experience !"

- Ronald C, London, on Tripadvisor


 An excellent, safe and friendly Flying School with a wealth of experience

"I recently obtained my Fixed Wing licence. I already have a Rotary Licence. The flying was fun with keen and extremely helpful instructors, happily sharing their experience. Safety is a priority with MAK and it is overseen by Assif who has more than 17,000 flying hours. His gentle and knowledgeable approach is both reassuring and very beneficial...Dave, always a cheery smile is well worth having some lessons with, for the record. I can't recommend them highly enough."

- poggiobello1, London, on Tripadvisor


 “Saturday's Flying...

"...I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson, I was very impressed with David."

- I.H, via email


“Great Day out, good introductory experience”

"Good day out with Good instructor Juan. Learnt a lot and would definitely do it again. Triple flying lesson well worth it although we only had me and one other passenger so it was just a double flying lesson, however definitely with the go! Thank you"

- Leisha B, Amersham, on Tripadvisor


"Birthday Flight”

"Loved ever minute. Great pilot Juan made me take contol from start. Brilliant. I'll do it again. Thanks guys. Made my day."

- richard c, London, on Tripadvisor



"I recently needed a PPL revalidation. I flew with Asif extensively in the 90s and thought I'd go back to a name I trusted. How right I was. Great staff, atmosphere and the professionalism I expected. OK, you make your own tea and it's not based in a first class departure lounge but, you won't get better training."

- TripMember012520161, on Tripadvisor


"Days Out at MAK”

"I have made many visits to their company, thoroughly enjoyed the flying and always found the staff to be friendly, trustworthy and professional."

- peterjones947, on Tripadvisor


"An amazing flying school”

"A great flying school with great people!!

The instructors, David and Claudio are first class, it has been great learning from them. I couldn't have asked for better instructors. The fleet of aircraft are well maintained with great availability, especially at short notice.

The in-house examiner, Asif whom conducted my test and oversaw my training was a massive help, like all the instructors he is very approachable, professional, knowledgeable and is always able to help. The school is very well organised thanks to Malcolm's dedication in the office.

It has been a pleasure studying for my EASA PPL at MAK and I would recommend anyone of any age to this excellent and professional flying school!!"

- Thomas J, on Tripadvisor


"Friendly and professional flying experience”

"I have flown as a student of Asif Khan of MAK Aviation Flight School over a 20 year timespan and speak from personal experience including cross training types and PPL Renewals. I have also flown under others at MAK Aviation.

My experience is that Asif runs a professional highly regarded school as I would expect. Asif holds more qualifications than I can easily name including FAA, ATPL, IR, JET, CAA UK CPL, Examiner (ppl), MEP, SER, FERTO(r/t), and more. This means that Asif has enormous experience and ability I never feel safer than with him in the co-pilots seat next to me.

With over 43 years experience including having been Chief Flying Instructor with Cabair when it was one of the largest flying schools in Europe I wholeheartedly recommend this kind gentle man and his flying school. Throughout the flying fraternity on the airfield (and afar Asif is held in the highest regard and with complete respect a scrupulously honest and knowledgeable Instructor and pilot this man knows his trade."

 - Alex M, on Tripadvisor


 "I really do not know how to express my feeling towards MAK Aviation...

 ...they have not just been very helpful but have also been very kind. Before starting my PPL, I went to four different flight schools for a trial lesson and after coming to this place made me think within minutes that this school was thousand times better than the other flying schools. Considering I am only 17 years, my experience at MAK is just indescribable. They have helped me step by step and gave me extra help in any way I was struggling making me achieve my PPL in just 50 hours. Instructors are brilliant too. With a lot of experience between them, I got the best knowledge from them which enabled me to start my own youtube channel. They do not just help me with the PPL knowledge but they also spare their time in teaching me anything I am unsure about. With me getting very close to gaining my PPL, I would say that it was one of the best experience in my life with not just going there for flying but also securing my place for work experience to help them out. I have no doubt that in next five years time, they will be so successful in running their flight school. I am really out of words to describe my time at MAK aviation."

 - Kathan Dudhela


 "Fantastic, friendly and quirky flight school!"

"I’ve had about three lessons with MAK now and really can’t speak highly enough of them; Malcom is a living legend who offers priceless advice, a wealth of knowledge and great stories, the instructors are some of friendliest and most laid back I’ve had, the aircraft seem fantastic and in great shape and the owners seem charming. I’m currently having one or two lessons a month forwards my PPL here - don’t read the negative reviews (mostly from one disgruntled guy), these guys are wonderful."

       - Ryan G, on Tripadvisor


"A great experience"

"I was given a flying experience as a present at MAK flying school. The staff were friendly and welcoming and our instructor, Arash, was really good. He explained everything we needed to know and was very generous with his comments on our handling of the aircraft even though we probably gave him a few moments of concern. I was allowed to take off from Elstree, with a little help from Arash, and fly to North Weald airfield in Essex where we had a quick look around the museum. I then got in the back seat and the other pupil flew us back to Elstree. It was a great afternoon, thank you MAK and particularly Arash."

       - BrianJ77, on Tripadvisor


"Great PPL instruction"

"Completed my PPL here in June 2018. They were very flexible in accommodating my erratic work schedule. David was my primary instructor and was very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. What Asif and Malcolm don't know about flying probably isn't worth knowing and they were always willing to answer questions. The aircraft had great serviceability throughout. A good aspect of the school is the complete absence of a hard-sell approach - you advance at your own pace. I commend MAK to anyone looking to gain their flying qualifications."

       - BPH117, on Tripadvisor



"I enjoyed my trip to them and found my trip enjoyable. I had a lovely time and Malcolm was a good OPS person"

       - Vacationer433742, on Tripadvisor


"A good trip"

"Had a two way trip with 2 of us. One landing and back again with the other in the front. A bit of the explanation of positive and zero gravity was fun. Enjoyed it very much"

       - Colin-Katrina, on Tripadvisor


"Really good experience."

I received a 30 minute flying lesson (with another participant, so I did 30 minutes observation as well) as a gift. I booked the experience long in advance, I went for early June, (I booked in December) hoping it would be perfect weather.

As instructed on my gift certificate, I rang MAK on the day of my experience (a large amount of reviews don’t seem to do this... maybe this is why you don’t get told your flights were cancelled??) and was unfortunately told the weather wasn’t good enough so we weren’t flying. Disappointed, the chap on the phone quickly offered me another date (this happened a few times unfortunately, but I finally got a date where the weather was nice).

Again, I rang the day of my experience and was confirmed that it was going ahead. I arrived about 20 minutes before my flight time, and was quickly signed in. Met our pilot, a 19 year old named Katahn (unsure of spelling). I will admit I was apprehensive about a 19 year old pilot taking 2 newbies out but he was absolutely brilliant. Really knew his stuff and a great pilot. He was an excellent teacher and was obviously keen to let us take the controls as much as was safe. He made the whole thing really enjoyable and I had a great 30 mins of flying and 30 mins observing. He went above and beyond and didn’t just fly for 30 minutes, he showed and explained to us all of the aircraft’s features and what everything does.

If management are reading this, he really deserves a commendation.

In my experience MAK were great. They are definitely not a “tourist” experience, you can tell they are a flight school. Not a bad thing but I wonder if some reviewers expect something else?

One downside was that on arrival you are informed that the airfield you fly to charge 6 pound fee to land there. Not a problem, but would be good if this were to be mentioned on the phone beforehand so people definitely have means to pay!

I personally would really recommended MAK." 

       - mikeymca, on Tripadvisor



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