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Asif Khan

:: Head of Training / C.F.I - Owner/Director ::

 With around 16,000 hours under his belt since he began flying in 1974 Asif is possibly one of the most highly experienced instructors ever to head up a flying school. His ratings and qualifications include FAA ATPL IR jet rating, CAA UK CPL examiner (PPL), MEP, SEP, IR(R), FERTOL (R/T). GR. He has worked as DCFI. LFC, and as CFI at two flying schools including Cabair at Elstree - in its day a prestigious branch of one of the largest flying schools in Europe.

Asif originally began operating as MAK Aviation in 1999, realising his ambition of becoming an accredited flying school.

  Malcolm Montgomerie

::  Head of Operations  ::


Malcolm qualified as a driving instructor in 1960 becoming the youngest Ministry of Transport approved instructor in the UK. In 1975 he turned his attention to flying and in six months gained his Private Pilot Licence. In the 80's he trained as an aircraft engineer and an instructor as well as gaining the night and IMC ratings, and also became a CAA Approved Airworthiness Test Pilot.

In the 1990s Malcolm was attracted by competition flying and won countless awards in navigation and precision flying events, eventually being granted his FIA Competition Licence enabling him to start Royal Aero Club handicapped air racing in 2006. After several podium visits he won the 2011 King's Cup, originally presented by King George V in the 1920s as the first ever award for an aviation contest. Malcolm is seen here receiving the cup from HRH Prince Andrew Duke of York.

Malcolm has run his own maintenance business and helped to run various flight schools, whilst amassing approximately

5,000 flight hours.

David Benfold

:: Deputy  C.F.I ::

          :: Flight Instructor ::

:: Flight Examiner ::

A graduate of Oxford Aviation Academy and Stapleford Flight Centre, David first learned to fly back in 1994 in sunny Florida. He’s the proud holder of a JAR-FCL CPL–ME/IR (“Frozen ATPL”) and has been a flying instructor at Elstree since May 2014.

David is a flight examiner and instructor, teaching and conducting skills tests for PPL, LAPL and IMC-IR(R) students and also is available for Night training.

David is a passionate aviator with a life long interest in aircraft and flight. His father worked for a major airline at London's Heathrow Airport allowing him to travel overseas during his childhood, fuelling his ambition to fly.

He’s a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and approachable instructor, who thrives on making sure his lessons are enjoyable and that his students get the best out of their training.

Mike Gibbins

:: Flight Instructor ::

:: Flight Examiner ::

Keno Mario-Ghae

:: Flight Instructor ::

:: Flight Examiner ::


Flight Instructor Keno Mario-Ghae

Kathan Dudhela

:: Flight Instructor ::

:: Flight Examiner ::



Kathan, currently the UK's Youngest Flight Instructor is a very popular and valued member of the MAK team. Kathan did his first flying lesson at the age of 15 in the Air Cadets. He joined us straight after he completed his GCSE's at the age of 16 to achieve his Private Pilot Licence and has been with us ever since. Kathan has been expanding his flying portfolio running his own Instagram aviation page and is now also involved in international ferry piloting, broadening his experience of flying many aircraft types. As well as studying for his 14 ATPL theory subjects Kathan has also been delivering PPL ground school lectures for a large flight training organisation covering all 9 subjects. Kathan brings to MAK Aviation a wealth of knowledge delivering his experience with much enthusiasm to his fellow students.

Newsflash: (December 2021)

We are very proud to announce that Kathan has just recently qualified as a Flight Examiner. (possibly the World's youngest Flight Examiner)!!!

Please join us in congratulating Kathan for this well deserved and outstanding achievment.

Charles Kennedy

:: Flight Instructor ::


Charles Kennedy is a flying instructor and the author of six books about aviation including the Haynes Owners Workshop Manual for the Boeing 707. He has contributed countless articles to Airliner World, Aviation news, Airways, FlyPast and Sam Chui's website and YouTube channel. Most of his flying hours are on the PA28 and the C-152/-172, plus stick time on the Mustang, Harvard, DC-3 and Li-2 and jet time on the Mig-15, L-39, and various marques of the jet provost. He is a keen communicator and enjoys passing on knowledge and skills to current and future aviators and sharing his passion for aviation.

David Smith

:: Flight Instructor :: 


Flight Instructor David Smith 

 Another pilot with commercial qualifications, David holds an ATPL (airline transport pilot licence), multi-engine instructor rating and a commercial helicopter pilot's licence, and has been instructing on light aircraft for over 40 years with flying schools at Leavesden and London Elstree aerodromes. We are very pleased that our members will be able to draw upon his treasury of experience of aviation both in the air and on the ground.






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